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Sylvanian 5182 Families Yellow Labrador Family

Sylvanian 5182 Families Yellow Labrador Family

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Barker loves to play games. He gets even more absorbed in playing catch or tag than the children. He also likes toys, and has many toys that he used to play with when he was a boy lined up in his room. Lucy is good at reading books to babies and showing them the colourful pictures, but at night she sometimes falls asleep before the babies do. She also reads books at the nursery, so the babies always look forward to seeing her. Buddy is a little bit spoiled and wants to be with his father all the time. His favourite thing is a stuffed toy his father gave him when he was little. He still sleeps with it at night, but he keeps it secret from his friends because he's a little embarrassed to admit it. Sadie likes to wear pretty clothes that match those that her friends are wearing. Her favourite dress is the one that matches her mother Lucy's dress. She always wears it when the family goes out together on weekends.



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