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Xbox 360
29. november 2013
Injustice Gods Among Us ULT Edition (Xbox 360)

Injustice Gods Among Us ULT Edition (Xbox 360)

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What if the world's greatest heroes became its biggest threat? See what happens when heroes collide in Injustice: Gods Among Us for Xbox 360. When the Joker commits his most heinous crime and wipes out Metropolis – and everyone Superman loves, including his unborn child – the Man of Steel decides enough is enough and establishes a new world order. Batman and a few others stand opposed to this new regime, and the lines are drawn for epic battles like never seen before in a fighting game.     A robust roster of DC Comics Super Heroes and Villains     Master the god-like powers of each character     All-new fighting gameplay from beat 'em up masters NetherRealm     Uncontainable battles in iconic environments     Minigames and multiplayer modes support your role in the epic story Injustice: Gods Among Us presents a world where the lines between hero and villain, and ruler and protector, are blurred. A hefty roster of some of DC Comics most iconic Super Heroes and Villains line up for battle, sporting new, unique designs to suit the changed world of the game. The full character roster includes     Aquaman     Bane     Batman     Catwoman     Cyborg     Deathstroke     Doomsday     The Flash     Green Arrow     Green Lantern     Harley Quinn     Hawkgirl     Joker     Lex Luthor     Nightwing     Raven     Shazam     Sinestro     Solomon Grundy     Superman     Wonder Woman Each hero and villa



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